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Welcome, and thanks for visiting MadeWhole! Here you will find “Small Steps on the Road to Health”. MadeWhole is a faith-based health and wellness program designed to meet the needs of mankind. We believe that true health is not merely the absence of disease, but the integration of the whole being: Mind, Body, Social, Emotions, and Spirit. Having peace of mind, healthy connections with one other and with our Creator God, as well as vibrant health, we believe, are the keys to optimum health, true happiness and wealth. We invite you to begin the process. Start now by taking these small steps on the road to “Ultimate Health”.





Small Steps… Road to Peak performance

Did you know that with simple, natural lifestyle changes you can create energy and vitality?

Explore Your Potential… Change Your Life Now


Explore Your Potential… Change Your Life Now

What is your passion? What are your dreams? What’s holding you back? Is it you? Change Your Brain, Transform Your Life – Seminar sign up today!



Reign in Your Own Emotions 


Reign In Your Own Emotions

One negative thought changes the chemistry of the brain instantaneously? Positive thoughts do also…